Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I am still mad about a purchase I made at a neighbors rummage sale last week. I saw that she had an inflatable trampoline. It was the kind that has several different compartments to blow up and stands about 24 to 36 inches high after its blown up.

So Scott was nice enough to blow it up for me. He was outside for quite awhile and came in and said it had a couple of holes in. So he fixed those holes and then tried again. He found several more holes and had to go to the store to get it patched. He tried again and found more holes.

Now rewind to my conversation with this lady that I bought this trampoline from. I asked her, "How much for the trampoline?" She said, "What do you think?" I said, "I don't know..." She said, "Five dollars" I said, "O.K. Does it have any holes in it?" I looked right at her and she replied, "No"

So I gave her five bucks and took it home.

Do you think she lied a little bit? She lied over $5.00. Was it really worth it? I am really mad because she could have been honest and said, "Yeah, it has a couple of holes in that need to be patched." I would have thought about it and still bought it. But when it has over a dozen (A DOZEN) holes in, she should have just thrown it out.

Karmas gonna get you girl! If I ever see her outside, I'm going to stop by and let her know how many holes I found. I'm actually thinking about just dropping it back into her yard with a note that says that she can keep her junk.

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