Sunday, April 13, 2008

The quest for the holy grail

Sippy cups. S I P P Y C U P S. I am not happy with my sippy cups. We use Gerber Sip and Smile 9 oz with hard spouts. I think they work well for awhile, but then they start to leak out of the sides. Those safety valves don't come out that often, but I'm sick of spilt milk all over the house.

So for all of you out there, what sippy cups do you like that DON'T LEAK?


Collegegirl said...

I do not have kiddos yet, but have babysitted enough to know what works! I agree with the Sip and Smmile, they do leak out of the sides.

Here a few that seem to work:
* AVENT Magic Cup-9 oz.
* Playtex Spill proof Cup-9 oz.
* Munchkin Cupsicle

Sara Rose Tutus said...

I have not figured out how to get Sara to drink out of a sippy cup. She does not seem to know that you need to tip it. I may have to look into some of these.
btw- your kids are SUPER CUTE!