Sunday, April 6, 2008

The BIG day!

We sang Happy Birthday to each child (separately).

So far, after two weeks of trying, this is the best group picture I have.

Happy Birthday Matthew, Brooke and John! They turned 2 just four short days ago, but after their naps today, I think they knew something was special about this day.

When everyone showed up we opened presents, well, Brooke opened presents. Matthew whined and sat on my lap and John was either on Grandma Plamann's lap or his cousin Michelle's lap. Jacob played with the trains HE got for a present. He wasn't interested in opening presents. So basically I and my niece Katie opened presents. That will change next year.

The babies got enough clothes, sand toys and bubbles to last them until next birthday. It was a haul.

I'll post more pictures on flickr tomorrow (I promise). But here's a few of today. These are their unofficial Two year shots. I'd like a few more options to put on the wall and Scott has some touching up to do...

Oh, and after most people left, I found Matthew in the brownie pan. He's got a certain fondness for frosting and chocolate. Hmmm, I wonder who he takes after. All three got baths after digging into their cupcakes.
We did the annual "hide the Easter eggs" outside this year since the snow was melted - mostly.

And my friend and Brooke's Godmother Shell Dinter gave the babies this book called, You're all my favorites, which fit them to a T. Its about three little bears and their parents love them equally. Its awesome! I think Kohls either had it or has it now. If you have more than one child, this is a really nice book.

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Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Monkeys!!! I'm looking for that book today.