Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My heart skipped a beat or two

Today, I almost lost a baby. Wow. How scary. Now if I go back and look at the situation unemotionally, I can feel better about it.
I was always watching the one entrance to the play area at the mall. There are three foot walls around for other parents to see in and then full walls because its against the outer edge of the mall walls. (Does that make sense?)
I constantly counted them one, two, three, four, blink, one, two, three, four, blink... see the pattern?
I told Jacob NOT to go out of the play area.
I guarded the entrance so no one can run off.
But I took my eyes off the entrance and the children when John was fighting me because he didn't want to go into the stroller. So, tonight when I pray, I'm going to ask for eyes in the back of my head.

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