Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A reflection

So, for those of you who either sold your stocks, bonds, or mutual funds yesterday, aren't you kicking yourself today? So what the market was down 7% in one day? It was up almost 5% today. I don't even look at my retirement stuff. I'm in it for the long run. In the 30-40 years that it will take for us to retire, I'm sure my returns will still average out to 8% a year.

I just laugh at the slephs that have all their money in the market even though they are retiring in the next year or so. When you are this close to retirement, its about preserving capitol, not taking big risks. People need to look at the big picture. BIG PICTURE PEOPLE! Dollar cost averaging, mutual funds and pension plans are all good words to me.

I'll be supporting their $685 monthly payments from social security anyway until I retire.

So, put away your tissues and lets talk about something positive.

Johnny has been a riot the last couple of days. He wakes up and he's trying to make us laugh. He has such a contagious laugh. I can't wait to see him as he progresses from a little boy to a big boy. Watch out world, here comes Johnny!

Brooke has been talking sentences and just plain old whiny. Not sure if we're going through premenstrual issues already or not. She wants all her boo-boos kissed. If she doesn't get her way, a fit is thrown, she's loud, she whines. What does she remind you of?

Matthew and the babies went to a playgroup sponsored by Birth to Three today. Matthew sang when the teachers sang, he participated in the activities. He did awesome. Hes more under responsive on a lot of issues. When we were reading books tonight, I would ask where things were and he was pointing them out and even when I asked what the pictures where he would name them. This is a big improvement.

Usually what happens is that John and Brooke beat him to the punch and then he just sits there. So I'm really proud that hes participating in activities.

Instead of being a hair cutter when he grows up, now Jacob wants to be an artist. He loves to draw. And I must say he has surpassed my abilities already. I'm so happy he has found a hobby that he really likes. He also said a prayer tonight for all of us. He said, "May God wipe away all our tears." And while I'm sure he learned it at school, I was really touched that he said that before the babies went to bed.

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