Sunday, September 7, 2008

End of an era

Today my family attended a retirement "roast" for the Pastor of our church. (My extended family, Scott stayed home with the kiddos) This Pastor baptized me, confirmed me, married me, and baptized my children (a couple of them twice). He had been with our church for 34 years. I grew up with his children, spent many hours watching TV and playing in the cemetery and even a few sleep-overs in the cemetery. Which is really creepy.

We have a new Pastor who came to us a few years ago and he has really fit well into our church. He's got great sermons, personable and (my favorite) very organized.

Its still hard to think of our church without thinking of Pastor Ash.

John had a challenging day sensory wise. He was mouthing everything and everyone. He was running and jumping and beating and banging into everything. He was aggressive with his siblings. He's got to touch and crawl and sit on everything. I tried doing some bouncing with him on my exercise ball and got out some other sensory play- exercises that the therapists do with us. It really didn't help. Scott played catch with all the kids in the living room and he seemed to really like that and wasn't tackling anything then.

When we were outside today he was putting rocks into his mouth. I got his chewy toys out, but cars and other off-limit things are much more interesting to put into his mouth. He also enjoys ripping out Brooke's barrette from her hair. He was so rough yesterday, I thought she wouldn't have any hair left.

I'm really hoping that contact sports will be good for him when he's older. Only two more years to flag football...

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