Saturday, September 6, 2008

Feed me, feed me!

I went to bed kinda late last night. Jacob crawled into bed with me at 3:17 a.m. He had a really stuffy nose and couldn't sleep. I get up to give him some medicine and we lay down. He can't breathe out of his nose and he's must not be used to breathing out of his mouth. So, if you can imagine, it was very nosy and not rhythmic breathing. Finally, I woke him up to blow his nose and that helped the noise level. Finally when the sun was just peaking into the room, he was breathing somewhat normally and I could get some sleep.

And then Brooke woke up at 6:30 a.m.

So when Scott got up today, I asked if I could go back to bed. He had to be to work at 9:30 a.m. an so I got to sleep for a little bit. Its hard taking care of kids when you're really tired. I've forgotten what its like.

Today, as I was eating lunch, Brooke decided she wanted to feed me herself. So she was using the fork to feed me this potato, cheese, hamburger, refried bean BBQ stuff. It wasn't sticking together the best so she slowly fed me piece by piece. I realized that for people who are dieting, this is the way to eat. If they have 20 minutes or so. I'm writing in to WW and tell them my idea.

She was so proud of herself. She kept saying, "Mmmmm, good." As I ate it. It was so cute.

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