Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The right to have privacy

You know, I'm still really ticked off about last night. I'm sick of people coming to the door soliciting stuff. And at such weird hours too.

On a religious perspective, I can imagine how hard it would be to go out and witness your faith to others. However, I don't want it at my door. I don't care if it were someone from my own church. This is my house and if I want to find Jesus, I can turn on the radio, the TV, get on my computer, use the phone, or the old fashioned way of going to church.

The last time it was the Oreck Vacuum cleaner guy at 8:30 at night on a Saturday. Then some guy selling meat out of a big truck (not Schwanns) came at the babies naptime. Now this guy at 7:41 p.m. right before Monday Night Football and my kids bedtime.

Instead of a do not call list, we should have a do not solicit list that people have to follow too. I guess I can always post no trespassing signs all over and put up more no soliciting signs too.

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