Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Waiting for 7 p.m.

Today we went to Oshkosh outlet mall and got a few things. We stopped at the YMCA and chased balls and dribbled and had mom running around the gym chasing things. So, I thought everyone would be tired when we got home. May be tired, but stubborn won out. John took off his diaper and screamed during naptime. So I duct taped it. Minutes later hes still screaming and I peeked in and his diaper was off. So this time I duct taped it more and just left him. I wasn't going to go in again. He thrives on attention - especially when its negative.

So I get him up when the others start stirring and he had his diaper off and he had peed in his bed. So I do the laundry... And he probably still took his diaper off again a few more times, even with diapers duct-taped. And then he took a diaper off when he was done messing in it. Sigh... If I only had four pairs of hands and four sets of eyes.

And then Jacob pushed John down outside and then John retaliated on Matthew by pouring water all over him and also pushing him around.

So... John goes in his crib while I calm Matthew down.

And now Johns bedding is on his crib and I'm just waiting for 7 p.m to hit so I can put him to bed. :)

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