Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another first!

This was my day.

I got up and went to First-Aid training at the YMCA. Then I went to Sam's and got diapers and milk. Then I got home and put the kids to bed in which John still took off his duct-taped diaper and peed all over the crib. And Brooke woke up after a 1/2 hour screaming and not at all happy.

After naptime was over, Jacob, the babies, Luann and I went back to the YMCA for open swim. This was the first time for the babies to be in a pool of this size.

A summary of the events.

Jacob was jumping into the pool, diving under the water, finding the diving sticks, practicing his glide and paddle. I was so proud of him.

Brooke seemed most comfortable in the water and even tried blowing bubbles. She practiced kicking and paddling. John immediately did the doggy paddle when I put him on his front. Just proves that he is related to animals. Matthew was more content to play with the ball and other toys.

Matthew did step off the side into the pool and well, sunk like a lead balloon. But I was right there and just pulled him up. The water was 2' 10". Then he just played by the side and didn't want to come in until the end.

John, on the other hand, was reaching for something in the water and fell in. He looked like a seal entering the water and both Luann and I grabbed him and then made it seem like a fun thing he did. He loved to splash and tool around on the floaty things.

Then after this little girl vomited in the water and the pool was suddenly closed, we decided to get showered and dressed and head on home.

The four kids ate a 12 inch sub and each at a bowl of ice cream. Swimming must make everyone hungry!

And now I have to use my Dyson in the living room where the kids (Matthew) threw crackers.

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