Monday, September 22, 2008

Yet another first

Well, John had his first (and only, I hope) visit to the plastic surgeon today.

Our appointment was at noon. I was running just on time, knowing I was late because of the 10 pages of paperwork I have to fill out as a new patient. Or the guardian of a new patient.

So I filled out the paperwork while John looked at his Thomas the Train activity book. Luckily I brought that because we didn't get in until 12:45. We saw the nurse. John sat on my lap and put his arm over his eyes. The doctor came in a few minutes later. He was such a great doctor, really relating to a two year old and just genuinely caring.

He looked at John graphite mark and felt it. He said that there was still some left in his temple. So he got out the tweezers and started prying and picking at the piece. I held on to Johns head and his flailing arms and legs. And a few times a stray leg almost kicked the doctor in his privates.

Then he got a needle out and tried to flick the piece out. He got most of it out and he hopes that since the wound is open and is bleeding that the body will expel it out by itself. Otherwise since graphite stains tissue, it could take months or years for the color to fade. And if it still bothers us when hes about 7, we can have it taken out then.

John actually handled it pretty well. He cried and tried to get away, but once the doctor was done, he was walking around and his normal self.

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