Friday, May 2, 2008

No more shots until Kindergarten!

My mom and I took the babies to get their Hep A shots yesterday. Its so interesting to see the differences in the babies. Immediately when the nurse walked into the room, Brooke started tearing up and clinging to my mom while the boys were still looking around seeing what they could get into. She knew what was coming... the boys didn't.

And then Grandma promised them ice cream. Now, they probably wouldn't have remembered that we promised them that, but we did want to keep our word. So we took them to Culvers and fed them lunch. Brooke liked the custard the most and John and Matthew were a little bit less excited.
Jacob was so funny. We put two tables together for all of us to sit together and he was busy moving chairs around, giving babies their food and just overall being our third set of eyes.

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