Thursday, May 8, 2008

Always read the fine print

So last night after my FVMOM meeting I did a little bit of shopping. Walmart, superstore, easy shopping, one stop, cheap prices, etc... So I picked up some stuff, needed toilet paper. On one of the end caps they had Soft and Gentle for $5.00. Single roll, not the double roll which does not fit into the wall toilet paper things. Super deal. Picked it up and put it in my cart. Started reading the fine print and it said, "75% recycled fiber". Huh, rewind that... "75% recycled fiber?"
Are toiletries supposed to be recycled? I'd prefer them to be a one-time use thing. I mean, what exactly are they recycled from?

Jacob's birthday is in 11 days and his party is in 10. I have a feeling that's why he's been acting poorly. He doesn't listen, he's sassy, he's not been the kindest big brother, and he's probably just being a normal 4 almost 5 year old. He's normally such a kind, thoughtful child. He has been very stubborn about listening, he wants to do what he wants to do - when he wants to do it. I hope it changes soon. Its very wearing for a parent to be consistent.... and to endure it for 12+ hours a day.

And in the days of DVR's, TIVO, replay, etc... Why can't we just have a do-over button for our children? Things start to go badly, they are in the middle of a melt down and we just hit the do-over button. I call do-overs all the time when I play games. We rewind things and fast forward things all the time. I'd just fast-forward over the meltdown and concentrate on the hugs.


angela said...

In a way, the manner in which Jacob is acting is merely a living example that you are doing your job right - you are raising a secure boy that is starting to show his independance! Kids that continually make progress toward being their own person are just doing what their supposed to; that is grow up! Hang in there momma!!

Kelli said...

what a great comment from the pp, and I think she is exactly right! Although the do-over ability sounds mighty nice too!

Just wanted to answer your question....that gate is called a Playzone...I got it One Step Ahead. Here is the link:
If you ever order anything from them, call them, don't order online, and just explain you have triplets, and they provide an awesome discount! On pretty much everything.

I got it originally to have a gated area for when my boys were just starting to roll around and crawl (I was having our basement finished and had no other gates up in our townhouse)...and got the extensions. Now, I find it is perfect to prevent Spiderman...I mean Christian...from scaling the TV and trying to constantly push all the buttons.

Take care, Kelli

BoufMom9 said...

LOL! I love the idea of being able to "do-over"! I wish!
Ok, so I will break the news to you... 5 year old boys are like that and they continue to be like that until they are about 8 years old!
Trust me, I have 4 boys that are over 8 and all are past that phase and I have one who is 6 and he is right smack dab in the middle of it all. UGH!