Friday, May 9, 2008

Its playing over and over in my head

Jose Cuervo - you are a friend of mine.
I like to drink you with a little salt and lime.

This song has been going through my head ever since I took my friend, Mr. Cuervo out of the top cabinet and mixed it with a little bit of classic lime margarita mix. I like mine on the rocks. Not that slushy stuff.

The sad part is that Jose Cuervo is empty and I need a new bottle. However, and there is a however, that bottle took about 4 years to empty so that tells you a little about my drinking habits. I go without any type of alcohol for four or five months and then I'll have three drinks in a week. Yep, I should really see someone about my drinking problem. :)

The thing that I should really admit, which makes me, me is that I actually thought the lyrics of the song was, " Jose Cuervo - you are a friend of mine. I like to greet you with a little song in mind." And then I started thinking about it. That rhymes, but does it make sense? And then I thought about what you usually have with a margarita, which is lime and then it clicked.

Its like that song lyric, "Eyes without a face" and I always thought, "How's about a date?" I was seven when I got that 45, what did I know?


Cindy & Brian said...

Margarita, rocks - no salt...that is my FAVORITE drink. No slushy stuff for me either!

BoufMom9 said...

OH! Now I need a margairta and my Jose is empty too! :(