Thursday, May 15, 2008

Even in your Underpants!

Its three nights to Jacobs birthday party and four nights to Jacobs birthday. AND tomorrow Jacob is going fishing with Grandpa Plamann and daddy. He is sooo excited. Except his nightcrawlers and worms have passed into another world. So now Scott will have to buy some commercially grown nightcrawlers.

They are going fishing for White Bass and for everyone not around here, Fremont, WI is the White Bass capital of the World. People from all over the country come to fish the White Bass Run. Personally, I do not eat the fish from the Lake Winneseptic system. There are fish advisories around this area and I think this area is high in Mercury. So, there is probably a reason why we have a high cancer rate and a high infertility rate in this area.

Also, today I discovered the reason Granny Underpants were made. You remember making jokes when you were younger about your mom or grandmother wearing big underpants? "Oh no, not the Granny underpants!" We all swore we'd never be caught wearing or even touching these things. If we had to do the laundry wed take a stick and pick them up? Remember those underpants?

Well, today while trying on clothes for our picture on Sunday I knew why they were invented. To back up, I have triplets. My stomach stretched enough for three babies to fit comfortably(?) for 33 weeks. The consequences of me carrying babies to this length of time is extra skin, jowls of a dog, charpea ish like, a third pouch, a unique musical instrument for my kids to play on... you get my drift.

So I'm in Kohls trying on some Capris. And I have to adjust my extra skin to fit in my pants. And then I could see the extra skin/extra pouch at the top of my pants. And I realized if I had Granny underpants that would keep the jowls of the dog in so I wouldn't have to tuck it in every time I put pants on. They have a slimming effect to them and could make my extra pouch look curvy instead of so prominent.

My doc even said that this extra pouch will not go away. Only plastic surgery would be an option. Some skin does bounce back to its regular shape, but in these types of cases, my genetic gene pool failed me.

Its hard to be 32 years old and have a pouch. But it is awesome to have four healthy children knowing that I did everything in my power to keep them inside me as long as I could. But I tend to forget that fact when trying on clothes.


BoufMom9 said...

Ok, so I am totally there with you on the pouch! And, mine isn't going anywhere either. :( UGH!
Sadly, I do wear some "sexy" undies- the maternity undies I bought at Motherhood while pregnant with the twins. They are so comfy and do exactly what you described...hide it all. LOL

Cindy & Brian said...

Oh man, the pouch! We call mine tha fanny pack around here. I can't stand it. I have hopes that mine will get better...but at 31 my skin is not what it was at 21. Saving for that tummy tuck someday!!!

Kelly said...

Jean, you crack me up! I have taken to wearing a giant girdle type contraption that starts just below my (saggy) boobs and ends at my knees. I got it at Layne Bryant. I actually just had to pick up a new one because I shredded my last one. Oh the glamorous life of a triplet mom!