Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ordinary conversation

John seeks sensory input. That's the diagnosis by Birth to Three teacher and Occupational therapist. It just took me six months to call them because it was hard to put a name to Johns wacky behavior. It makes me so happy to know that with just a little bit of different play and other stimulating techniques, he shouldn't seek so much physical touch. Meaning he'll stop crashing into everyone and everything. The other thing that I've noticed about him is that he drools and they think he has poor muscle tone in his mouth and even in his core. I got him some teething toys that he can chew on and bite into because otherwise he tends to bite me when he's happy.

Very interesting stuff to me. Matthew is also being evaluated for his speech. I think he just soaks things up and doesn't verbalize much, but it will be reassuring to have him tested.

On another note, I was on the phone yesterday with a neighbor who wanted to know my address so she could drop something off. I told her my address and she said, "Oh, you have the daycare." And I replied, "No, I have triplets." Its interesting how other people perceive us.

We have started Jacob on the "marble system". He's got a happy jar and a sad jar. All his marbles are in his happy jar, but if he's sassy, doesn't listen, mean, or not a good brother he gets a marble in his sad jar. And when he gets 5 to 10 marbles in his sad jar, he gets toys taken away. And when that doesn't work, he doesn't get to go fishing with dad. And that would kill him. He lives for fishing. But the good thing is that he can earn his marbles back. Yesterday he changed into his clothes right away in the morning and that usually is a big battle so I was really happy with him and moved a marble.

Now he'll say, "I don't want my marbles in the sad jar", and I think today and yesterday we've had a lot more listening and a lot less sassy mouth.


BoufMom9 said...

We did marbles with our kids too! They really do work very well!

Glad you got a diagnosis! I have 3 kids out of my nine with sensory issues, so if you need any suggestions for affordable things that work, just shoot me an email. (it's on my profile)
:) Debi

Angela said...

Clever incentive activity - I like it! Please tell me you found that idea some where -- I'm so not creative that way!

Kelly Laabs said...

I hope you like your birth to three people. They have been coming for Hannah and actually work with all three of my kids. It is going well. I think that Hannah and Matthew are alike in many ways. She is my quiet, good one who stays out of trouble.