Monday, May 5, 2008

Treeroots, clay and more roots

Yesterday, Scott and Jacob started leveling the ground and taking out the old rock and shrubbery. Today was a day of digging holes, putting in landscaping borders and becoming a frequent shopper at Home Depot.

John was walking around while Scott was digging a hole and fell into it. We were going to plant him, but he's too wiggly and really shouldn't get that much sunlight.

Jacob was instrumental in helping me pick out the scrubs and perennials at Home Depot and then helped me unload everything and he had his own notions about where he wanted to plant everything.

He had put some landscaping border around each plant to protect them from animals eating them. He is so thoughtful and such a hard little worker. He even helped Scott clean up all the containers and empty bags of soil. Sometimes Scott and I just shake our heads at how thoughtful he is and how he really can plan and build things on his own. I can't wait to see what his interests are as he gets older. We could use an engineer in the family. Although he still wants to be a hair cutter. Not a bad profession either, I could use some discounted haircuts.

This next picture is pretty telling of how it is in our house. Jacob hard at work and Brooke, the supervisor/dictator, just sits there and tells him where to dig.

Jacob is not a slim child, yet his regular pants sometimes droop on him. Even with the adjustable waist features, sometimes his pants droop.
So as you can see, he did remember to put on underwear today.

I took the babies out after dinner to play outside and gave them bubbles and work gloves and stuff to play around with. I think Matthew ate more bubbles than he actually blew.

Check out Michelle's blog, she's got a great piece on recyclable bags. I try to use them as much as I can. I put them in my van in the front seat so I remember to use them when I shop.

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