Friday, May 16, 2008

Triplets double as birth control

I am sitting here and totally went blank as to what I was going to blog. I must have bloggers block. OR, it could be the Diazapam that I took before bed. Doctor approved and most importantly prescribed and a must if I want my jaw to not hurt like heck in the morning.

Tonight I took the monkeys out for a walk. The triple stroller stops traffic, creates sore necks, whiplash and just plain old curiosity. The things in the triple stroller create many questions like, "Are they triplets? Boy, you must have your hands full! Is that hard to push?" These are all questions we have heard before and usually on a daily basis. One of the neighbors (and I use that term relatively loosely) stopped me because their dog wanted to sniff my crotch and lick me all over. Then the dog tried to take the NUKs out of the kids mouths because it looked to be like this dogs toys.
So the woman asked the usual questions and then her 13/14 year old daughter came up and the mom said, "Oh, if you ever need a babysitter, my daughter is almost 14 and she could babysit for you!" I replied, "I can barely keep track of them, I wouldn't wish that on a teenager." And then I may have mumbled something about it being good birth control and I'm sure that probably wasn't appreciated. But half the comments directed to me about my children aren't appreciated either.

Seriously though, I would never get a 13/14 year old to watch my children and here's why.

I don't think they would have the patience in dealing with three 2 year olds.
I think that when the children decide to scatter and conquer, she'd be on the phone to her mom calling for resources.
There's three times the diapers, food fights and the crappy stuff that toddlers do that frankly only someone who loves them can tolerate.
And I am freaked out about teenage babysitters in general because of some of the things I did when I was a babysitter (put the kids to bed early, wasn't the best at playing with them, and talked on the phone when they went to bed). Another reason is that Scott has had cases or we've heard of cases of abuse.
Until my children are old enough to let me know what is going on and be able to distinguish right from wrong, etc... my children are not going to be let alone with strangers or teenagers or most men.
Am I paranoid? Yes, yes, and Yes! I only get one shot at this parenting thing and I don't need other people causing harm to my children and putting them in therapy. I'm sure some of my issues will send them into therapy anyway.


Kelli said...

okay, i loved your "Even in your Underpants" post...I laughed out loud....and I agree about the granny panties! Spanx are awesome too ;o)

I cannot stand all the comments sometimes, i blogged about how frustrating it is not that long ago too.....some of the comments are nice, but the pointing/staring/intrusive comments are sooo irritating! I did get one funny comment last weekend when I was at the grocery store with my trio....a young guy, probably about 19 or 20 said ..."Whoa, you got a posse right there! Cool man!"....i had never heard that one, and it was refreshing from all the "got your hands full" comments :o)

And...i don't think you are paranoid at all..NO WAY would i let a 14 year old watch my is too much. And I feel the same, that when they can talk more and know what is right/wrong, and can tell me if they feel uncomfortable, then i will feel better leaving them with someone. Sometimes I feel like I am being overly worried, but feels good to see you say the same thing!

- Kelli

Triplet Mama said...

Ditto on this post.