Sunday, May 25, 2008

Diaper testing

You know how life seems to be in hills and valleys? Ebb and flow? Sanely smooth or crazy insane?

The last two days with the triplets have been crazy insane. There is not just one thing that has made it that way, but several little things.

I must admit, I don't usually have too many bad days where I end up swearing in front of the children or when I get so frustrated that either they go in their rooms or I go in my room for awhile. Or where I actually feel like I have taken two steps back on the organizational process of things.

Matthews new thing is throwing. He throws Everything. John has been through this phase already and I kind of thought that we wouldn't see this again. I'm guessing this is a cause and effect type thing for him, not a "I really want mom to pull her hair out so I'm going to dump all my food on the floor and then throw the plate." So I'm going with the cause and effect thing because when he does that I say, "No, no throwing" and look him in the eye. He gives me that million dollar smile and giggles and for a moment I think he's not going to do it. But he waits until I turn away and does it again. So the effect of that is that he gets put in his crib for a time out. I can't get any of the babies to sit in a naughty spot, so this is the best I can do. (Don't judge me unless you've lived with triplets and an older sibling)

Brooke seems to shriek and throw fits when she doesn't get her way. I love the fact that she's talking more, but PLEAASSSSEEE use your words and not scream in moms ear. And then she tries to hit me or pinch me. I tell her she'll go in her crib if she doesn't stop and she usually shakes her head no (passive aggressive) and then she strikes again.

I don't think I've said this often or even at all, but John seems to be the best behaved triplet right now. Sure, I may be used to his quirky behavior. But he really isn't a problem at dinner time, has not hit or kicked me (except for diaper changes - which is normal for him) and is generally been pretty happy. He still has problems transitioning, but that is our normal.

Jacob, since I've started that marble system has been a perfect little boy. He put on all the babies socks and tried helping with their shoes today so we could go outside. He'll get things for me, mostly eat his food without complaining, and get dressed without a big battle. If this lasts only for a week or two it has definitely been worth it. I'm thinking he may be task-oriented and this may be a good reward system for him.

I have to put in my 2 cents worth on diapers. I bought White Cloud diapers (Walmart brand) because they were clearancing them out. They are size 5. They really do not fit the the child's body and they droop severely when there is a minimal amount of pee in them. I have had to change Matthews outfits a couple of times now because he drinks a lot and the diapers don't hold it all.
Next test was Pampers Baby Dry size 5's. Over all I do like these diapers. They don't really droop too much, they more or less clump. But Matthew still can fill these and I have had one leak on me.
My normal diaper is Huggies. All the babies are in a size 5. But I think Matthew has leaked out of these too. So I'm guessing that I may have to go to the overnights for him or size 6.
But having one in a size 6 and the other two in a 5 is such a pain. It requires thought and preparedness. Which sometimes during diaper changes, I don't have and I'm guessing that neither will the other people that change diapers look to see if there is a 5 or a 6 on it. So maybe I'll mark all the 6's with an M and that will be more noticeable.

I think I'm really going to work on Brooke getting potty trained. She seems really interested, but doesn't connect sitting on the toilet with going potty. So any advice is appreciated because I want to do this in one week or less. I don't want to drag this out for 6 months.


Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

Potty training in one week or less?!?!?


Good luck with that. If you are able to get your child trained in one week or less, PLEASE do tell me how. In looking through my archives, I figure I've been working on potty training with one of our trio for almost TWENTY FOUR months. That would be 96 weeks.

Not to discourage you or anything (maybe you'll have better luck!) but don't be discouraged if it doesn't happen in seven short days!!

Angela said...

Ditto that comment! I don't know a soul - particularly those with multiples that got through this in a week ... even 6 months is good! You will fare better doing one at a time though.