Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Finger

On Sunday before the finger incident Uncle Kelly and Aunt Julie came over for a bit. Kelly was showing the kids how to take off leaves and bark on the trees. Thanks Uncle Kelly.

Matthew was really liking this ride on toy. Although it has since stop working, it is still fun to sit on. Love the cheesy smile!

Look at the monkeys. Seriously, are John and Brooke two peas in a pod? They really get along well. Matthew is another level than those two are.

Playing musical chairs. Had to put these chairs away at the end of the day because they were trying to use them to get stuff on the counters.

The infamous finger.

Now for my pet peeve of the day. I get a call from the community blood center. Its 7:15 p.m., I sigh and pick up the phone. The lady, bless her, is a volunteer and she's just following up from the last time I gave blood and wants to schedule another donation. I tell her I plan on giving at a drive at the end of June. Meanwhile, John is screaming because he is hungry and Jacob is wacky and being loud and the other two monkeys are running around. She goes on about what drive and when and so on. The babies are just getting louder and I can barely hear her. I tell her that nows not a good time to talk. I plan on signing up on-line for the blood drive. I definitely threw her by telling her it was not a good time to talk. I mean, she could HEAR why it wasn't a good time to talk. But she still went on. I interrupted her and said, "its my children's bedtime, I can't talk. Thanks." And I hung up.

PEOPLE! You need to switch gears and hurry it up. I think when you try to hurry people up it only makes people slower. Jeez.

You'd think they'd pick up on the secondary clues... the crying and the background noise. She's a volunteer and I should cut her some slack... but this is a real pet peeve of mine.

I've been in stores with my children and they are crying and I'm trying to get through line or go through line you'd think clerks would want to hurry us through.

Kids and I went to monkey joes tonight. Our big thing was that we walked 20 feet to the entrance of the play area without the stroller or harnesses. I put them on the side walked and whistled for them to come follow me. Jacob rounded up the lager (Matthew) and he herded him to the store. We had such fun going down the slide and running around. The babies played with basketballs, but really aren't interested in going in the inflatables. Not sure why. Jacob likes the obstacle courses and the slides. We had to leave after 45 minutes because John was breaking through security and looking out the front door. He wanted to leave.

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BoufMom9 said...

OH! I hate when people call on the phone and don't get the hint when you tell them it's a bad time. UGH! I have had that happen more times than I can count! How frustrating!!!