Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pet peeves

Two days in a row, someone has ruffled my feathers.

I get a bill from the hospital. Its from February. They will send the collections agency after me in 7 days. So I call the hospital. They tell me to call the insurance that there are some questions they'd like to ask me before they pay the bill.
O.K. so I call the insurance company. I normally have great luck with Network. I get to talk to a live person fast and they can normally answer my questions and I don't get passed around like a hot potato. The lady says that it should have been processed and they'll readmit it, but I should call the hospital and let them know that the insurance company is reviewing it again. Soooo, I call the hospital back and talk to the collections department again. This is another lady. She's says that I should call the insurance company back and tell them to have someone there call her and let her know that. I guess my word isn't good enough.

I just started to laugh. Uncontrollably. I could help it. Everyone tells ME to call everyone else so they don't have to do their job.

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