Sunday, May 25, 2008

results are in

I really find it interesting how people find my blog. Here are the search results.

pro and con to have four babies
other words for love
picture of a lady monkey dressed up
i'm all dressed up and ready to go
john - feeling in my fingers
grinding photographs accident
granny wearing big diaper
i feelings in my fingers
kelly laabs
2 year old pouring water on friend's head
monkeys that are dressed up
i feeling on my fingers i feeling on my tell
other word for love
big underpants
show me pictures of monkeys dressed up
matthew triplets
triplet babies pictures
giglio blog, triplet

I find it humorous that most of the results are about underpants or diapers.


Kelly said...

I wonder why my name is there...

Kelly said...

Hey, I made the list too.