Sunday, June 1, 2008

checkers anyone?

I just caught my children playing checkers with their NUKs. Does that mean that they are old enough to take them away? I will after our June vacation to Minocqua Wisconsin.

My children have found something new that they like. Condiments. Last week the Grandpas and Grandmas were over and John and Brooke crawled into their laps and began to dip their french fries in Tarter sauce. Then they tried ketchup. Today, we had ham sandwiches for lunch (and dinner). So, I like a little ketchup with my ham sandwich. They see this and start madly pointing to their plates. So I put some ketchup on their plates and they dip their grapes in it and their cheese. Hmmm....

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BoufMom9 said...

And so it begins...LOL

Emma has just recently started saying "chip", so, now whenever we are eating she says "chip, chip, chip" over & over, even if chips aren't there and she doesn't stop saying it until you give her a chip.