Sunday, June 29, 2008

cheese fries

You want to know what one of my pet peeves is?

When someone just uses you for the position you are in or who you are. And then never gives you the time of day other when they really need something.

Scott was outside today and a neighbor came over. A neighbor in the 22 months we have lived here that has never made an effort to talk to us. We hardly get a wave out of him. He told Scott about an angry driver who has twice bothered him and his daughter as they ride their bikes. "What can he do about it? Who should he talk to? Can Scott do something about it?" Well, he had no pertinent info on the car, license plate or where this guy lives, so Scott can't really do anything about it. Scott told him if it happens again to get the license plate and he could call the guy.

Its the police's job to stop this angry driver from almost hitting cyclists and saying crude things out his window, but if you don't have any information about the guy... well, this isn't Medium.

It just bothers me that sometimes people won't give others the time of day until they need something. I try to take that into consideration with my friends and family and not just call when I need a babysitter, but that's usually my main need now. :)

On a happier note, Scott, Scott's parents, Jacob and I went to Outback steakhouse for my birthday dinner tonight. It stunk. First of all our waitress informed us that they were out of hamburgers. How, how!, can you be out of hamburgers! You're Outback Steakhouse! Then as Kathy was ordering her soup, the waitress said that they were out of the cream of potato. I think I or someone else asked how they could be out of the regular soup and she said it had to do with the floods around here and the prices of potato. Spin me another yarn girlie.
Needless to say, I will be sending Outback Steakhouse a letter about my unenjoyable experience.


BoufMom9 said...

Holy cow! Out of hamburgers!?! Seriously, you are right! How the heck can they be out of burgers & potato soup!?!
I know just what you mean about being used. My husband is an officer as well and we certainly get our fair share of those types of calls...UGH!

Deanna said...

OH NO...sorry you had a not so pleasant dinner...what a bummer!!

And I TOTALLY feel you on the being used bit ~some people really just don't get it!!

Hang in there hope you have a better week!!