Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tonight we had friends over for a cookout. Of course it rained. But we still had a good time. I made a taco dip and put it in the middle of the table. The babies dipped their chips in the dip and then licked it off. And then redipped. At two they have not been told about the no double-dipping rule. Hard to explain to a 2 year old.
I should really say that John enjoyed the dip the most. Make a mess of it. Brooke liked to pick it up with her fingers and eat it.
I have really lowered my standards since having triplets. But all I care about is that they a) eat b) don't throw food.
Another realization is that we only really, really clean our house top to bottom when someone is coming over. So its a good thing someone comes over every once in awhile so we get our bathrooms clean and all the floors cleaned at once.

Another bad luck thing. I was cleaning the kitchen sink with Soft Scrub bleach and it must have splashed on my clothing and I got my newer shirt and shorts blotted with bleach. Why can I not keep my clothes unblemished? Yesterday, as I was eating my Subway sub in the car, it dripped the sauce and got on my t-shirt.

I'm worse than the kids.


Anonymous said...

Jean, you are the second person in 2 days that I have heard the same thing about getting their cloths stained by bleach/ cleaning. I'm terrible with food also, I guess it's just being a mom of babies born in April ;-)
Jeni B

BoufMom9 said...

LOL! Maybe Jeni B has something there...I gave birth to my son henry in April and I am horrible with food on my clothes!
today, i actually realized I was out shopping in a shirt that I had obviously spilled coffee on in the morning. Very classy! lol