Saturday, June 21, 2008

No more NUKS?

Well, I told Brooke and John that tonight was the last night with the NUK and tomorrow they would go bye-bye. I suddenly have mixed feelings about this.

I don't believe that there is a certain age that anything should be done. It all depends on the child and their nature.

So, usually pediatricians recommend deep-sixing the NUK by age 2. My pediatrician isn't putting pressure on me because of the triplets. I think Brooke is ready to give it up. But John, my little Johnny, not so ready.

Some kids go with the flow of things and then there is Johnny. Johnny needs structure. He needs rules and he does not like change. His NUK is his thing. He has one in his mouth and usually one to three in his hands and he just holds them.

In the past few months I had been limiting them to just their cribs and then on vacation I gave them to them more because of the change in environment.

So I'm contemplating just going back to just nap time. Because I don't want to harm John's fragile eco-system. (If you know John, you know what I mean).

Another funny story. When we were on vacation Amy, Katie, the babies and I went shopping for shirts. Seriously, every single person commented on the triplets in their triple stroller. We went into a couple of shops and got what we needed (or wanted). Then, there was no more milk in their sippy cup and there was a serious attempt at a coup. So I quickly went into this cafe and of the 10 or so tables of people every single one of them looked and commented. It was like they thought I couldn't hear them. Here are some of the comments I heard. "Good for you! Are those triplets? It must be a daycare. Wow! Look at that stroller!" I waited to get some milk and was probably in there for five minutes while I paid. And I swear they all just kept staring at the babies.

Then we went outside by the main road and waited for Amy and Katie and I'm surprised that there were no accidents. Wow, can people turn their heads at odd angles.

Also, and update on Cosmo Kitty's eggs. They miraculously hatched while we were gone and two little black and white stuffed kitties were left in the eggs place. Jacob checked on the eggs right away when he got home and I don't really think he bought into the stuffed animals. Too bad I couldn't put real kitties in the box.

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