Friday, June 27, 2008

June bugs

Its my birthday in five more nights. This is how Jacob would express it. So I have five more days of enjoying being 32. I already feel like I'm 33. Quite honestly, I think I feel older at times. My coordination is not what it used to be. Sure that could be because when I sprained/cracked my ankle four 1/2 years ago is not the same. It gets stiff really easily and makes me feel older.

I feel almost abandoned on my birthday. My parents will be gone for three weeks to a cabin. Scott and Jacob will be joining them next Wednesday night and staying for the weekend. My sister Julie is going up there also now. I'm stuck with my kids for about four whole days. Not so bad about being with them as it is trying to run errands and cut the lawn and stuff like that. Actually its just prety relaxing with the four of us. But its hard knowing that my primary care givers to my children are 185 miles away. But Mark and Luann still live around the corner and they are family in every other sense. And Jim and Amy are still home too. And Scotts parents are only a few minutes away.

I guess I'm not as alone as I thought.

And just for the record, Scott was going to leave the day after my birthday but I told him to leave that afternoon so he and Jacob could get up there and get some extra fishing done.

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