Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Alright, posting is difficult for me, not only because I haven't done it for a few days and I have A LOT to say, its because my cat misses me so much that she is sitting between me and laptop (on my arms) and it has made it difficult to type.

Cosmo turned 8 on Monday and I completely forgot it was her birthday. I had remembered it the month and week before, but on that day it escaped me that it was my oldest babies birthday. I think she has missed me from when I was on vacation because she has been on my lap and has been licking me constantly. I don't think I'm dirty or have inadvertently rubbed myself with catnip, so I really think she likes me. I'm so glad she hasn't held me forgetting her birthday against me. She could wake me up at night by meowing or pawing me or walking all around the bed, but she hasn't. Or the usual hairball vomit. I guess she's getting mellow in her old age.

We've been outside a lot the past couple of days. Today for about four hours and Tuesday for about four hours in the morning. I'm not really a fan of this humid, hot weather, but at least the kids can run around and play in the wading pool. It gives them exercise and makes them sleep better, so I can't complain. The only thing is that its hard for me to get any work done in the house because I can't leave them alone outside when there is water in the wading pool.

Jacob has been very imaginative lately about having multiple brothers who do very creative things. Well, he's been telling a lot of yarns lately. Tuesday in the car he said to me, "Mom, I have a broken eyedrum." (I think it was an eyedrum, but i know it ended with drum.) I replied, "Jacob where is your eyedrum?" And he pointed to his ear. I guessed that he meant eardrum and just got the term mixed up. So I said, "You must mean eardrum, not eye drum. You don't have an eyedrum." And he yelled at me, "No Mom, its just lost! I just can't find it." I chuckle to myself, "No Jacob, I meant that an eyedrum isn't a real part of your body, not that you aren't holding onto it right at this moment." But he still stuck to his story, "Mom, I have one and its right here." And he pointed to his head.

I guess its all imaginary.

Jacob has been very argumentative lately and isn't usually as helpful as he normally is. So he's currently just got one marble in the sad jar. I'm hoping the sad jar's effects are not wearing off. Or I'll have to come up with something else.

Funny story at Sam's Club. I took the kids to Sam's club a few days ago. The kids were whiny, so I gave two their NUKs and gave Matthew his raggie. Matthew usually puts the raggie to his face or just holds it, but today he put it on the top of his head and looked like a sheik of some type. So we are going down an aisle and a lady is coming at us, pushing a cart, and wearing a traditional headdress covering her hair.

It looks exactly like what Matthew has on his head and inside I just giggle and giggle because it would look to everyone else like Matthew would be mimicking or making fun of her except that he is two and was just being silly. This story doesn't seem as funny now that I've typed it out, but it was really funny when it happened.

Another funny moment. I came home at 10:15 p.m. tonight from an FVMOM meeting. As I was driving down my "aisle" as Jacob calls it, there was a U-Haul parked at one of the houses and it looked like they were moving things out.
Now, it looks kinda funny moving out in the middle of the night. Makes me think messy divorce or foreclosure. I guess it could be cooler moving at night too, but it just looks shady doing that stuff at night. That's how our house came to be. A foreclosure and I guess the old owners moved out in the middle of the night and never said a word to anyone.

I will be posting pictures soon of all our adventures from vacation to backyard fun.

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