Monday, June 23, 2008


You know when you can't think of a word, you know its meaning, you've used it several times before in your life, but just can't get it out of your mouth?

Tonight I was at an uppercase living party. It was a lot of fun and a great way of decorating - tastefully. Oh, by the way.... I'm having a book party which closes July 18th. So if you're interested in getting something, I'll be putting pictures up of what I got in a couple of weeks.

So, anyway. Another girl from FVMOM and I were talking about my freak accident from vacation. And I was trying to think of the word that meant - putty for cars and trucks, to fix dents and rust areas. I KNEW it ended in an "O" and that's all I had. Michelle and I came up with many ways of using it in a sentence, without actually saying the name of it because both of us drew a blank. I'd say something like, "my husband used to have a car and its rear quarter panel was filled with ------? And then just as we had given up and said our goodbye's, Michelle remembered and yelled out "BONDO!" That would be a great name for a pet.

Speaking of pets. I'm driving over to the party tonight. And as I'm driving there I see many people walking their dogs. I see people playing with their dogs in their yards and I even see one person combing their dog. Now, just think, if we spent as much time with our kids as we do with our dogs, I think we'd fix most of the countries social issues. Kids would get exercise by walking with their parents. They'd get quality time during that walk talking with their parents. They'd get more exercise playing ball or Frisbee with their parents. And they'd get some cuddling time on their laps while they are being combed.

I think I just found the solution for world peace (sooooo close).

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