Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tartar sauce anyone?

My kids were introduced to tartar sauce by my parents last Sunday at a fish'n chips fry. John sat on my moms lap and Brooke on my dads and just licked the Tartar sauce off of the french fries. Then, THEN, they found the ketchup on the plate and went to town on that. Now if they see the ketchup bottle, they want some on their plate.

I've also been sneaking the kids part of my subs from subway. That means they get lettuce, tomato, pickles, black olives and a little bit of Southwest sauce. Its soooo good! And John loves the pickles. Brooke will pick up the sandwich and eat it like she's been tossing these back for years. Matthew will eat the bread but when he finds out there is something in the middle, it goes on the floor.

So. Last night Shell Dinter and I take the kiddos to Sam's Club. Fast-forward to the end. Jacob has to go to the bathroom, he goes to the bathroom and on the way out of Sam's club mentions that there was an "accident". Long story short, I take him into the bathroom and we come out sans underwear which I have stashed in my wipes container. So as we are walking out, he pulls up the back of his shirt and his pants are hanging low so you can see his crack. AND, I put some toilet paper in between the skin and his pants because they were wet in places and he didn't like the feeling. So everyone behind us got a view of my babies butt with toilet paper sticking out the back. Shell and I had a good laugh over this.

And before that, Shell found Brooke in her crib sleeping. She woke her up because we were going to Sam's Club. She pulled the blanket off of her and she she only had her shirt on. He little cute butt was sticking up.

She keeps taking her pants and diaper off. I need to go get some duct tape.

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BoufMom9 said...

Ahhhh yes! Time for the duct tape! LOL (or rubber sheets!)