Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ice cream

A faithful reader has accused me of being (searching for a better word) grumpy in my last post. While I may have been to the point, that was my point. If anyone comes up to me and tells me their job is harder than mine, they can handle my pointedness. Of course, I'm not rude to their face, just blowing off steam on my blog. Which is what my blog is for.
I'd like to think I have cute children. Most of you
know I have really cute children. But gosh, capturing their silly expressions on camera is so worth taking 11,000 pictures in 2 years.
My children have discovered the joy of eating ice cream from a cone. This is very exciting for me because now I have an excuse to buy ice cream cones and eat ice cream a couple of times a week. Of course its take months if not years of licking practice to have your ice cream not to drip. So I'm happily teaching them the correct techniques of licking/eating ice cream and cones.
The preface to the picture of John is Cosmo happily
sitting under the table, waiting patiently for me to give her treats. John decides to share his Rold Gold cheddar pretzels and Cosmo politely declines and turns her back on him. She also swishes her tail (like most cats do) and John giggles himself silly because Cosmo is moving the pretzels.
More pictures on flickr too.

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BoufMom9 said...

Love the photos!
Grumpy??? No!!!!!