Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Telemarketer calls

Happy 200th post.

Today, I got that phone call that makes me wish I had signed up for the do-no-call list.

Discover card calls and gives me their five minute talk about identity theft, protection, etc... Did YOU know that they will check my credit report every day to make sure someone hasn't assumed my identity? And ONLY for the great price of $12.95 per month.

This lady went on and on. I told her I wasn't interested. She said, "How can you NOT be interested in someone stealing your identity? On average it cost $537.10 to repair your credit history."

I said, "I don't feel I should have to pay $12.95 a month for someone to check my credit reports. Thanks you , but I'm not interested." I was not going to just hang up on her, I was going to wait until she conceded.

But this girl was not done. "Whens the last time you checked your credit report?" I said, "Last fall." And she said, "Well, that's too long, you should check it more frequently! You could be losing out on someone taking your identity and costing you money." I said, "I think VISA does this free. If someone charges on my card, I'm protected." And she just kept on coming back. The conversation escalated where you could tell we were both pretty upset. Finally I said to her, "What don't you understand about the word No? I'm not interested." And she started her end spiel about Discover card and then I just had to hang up on her.

She was really close to being called a word I don't keep in my vocabulary.

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BoufMom9 said...

UGH! And, THAT is why i am on the do not call list.
:) Debi