Sunday, February 22, 2009

This just in...

Jacob counted up to 400 today. Of course there were a bit of snafu's. Like one hundred two meaning 200. But hey, he's five.

Jacob and Scott put together a bunch of our puzzles today and the puzzles were all over the living room.

John and Brooke have gotten me up at 5 a.m. the past few days due to their cold.

I don't get up at 5 a.m. and cope with anything.

Jacob just has a cough now, Brooke is doing a little bit better, but Matthew and John still have occasional fevers, coughs and colds.

I am their favorite thing to wipe their noses on.

I love to cuddle with them when they are sick. But I just don't have enough room for more than two and that's hard to deal with at times.

Spent the weekend at a grade school basketball tournament.

I bought the The Wave by the Firm and didn't fall off of it.

The kids like to play on the Wave. While Scott told me that it was a gimmick or something like that.

Gimmicks are something like, oh, hunters NEED a special scent that costs $ to attract or deactivate their own scent.

While shopping at Woodmans and intentionally avoiding a cart, I took a wide turn and banged into a end cap and stuff fell off of it. I started to laugh hysterically while the lady, whom I successfully avoided, and I picked up the stuff.

I folded about five loads of laundry full of clothes and I am very disappointed that I've already lost* four socks which I just bought new last week.

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Following Him said...

Hope the kiddos feel MUCH better soon and they find a tissue instead of you to sneeze on! Have a great Monday!