Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Swimming lessons

We had a couple of first last night. The babies started swimming lessons last night. Julie, Luann and I took the kids.

There were, probably, 8 other kids and parents in this class. So it was a little chaotic. The kids wanted to do their own thing - especially Johnny. But all of them blew bubbles and put their heads in the water.
When it came time to jumping off the side of the pool into the pool, John was more than ready. He was doing cannonballs. I am not at all stretching the truth on this one. He loved jumping in the water, but would forget to put his feet down to stand on the bottom. So he'd jump in and then float around under the water. I'd scoop him up and make him think it was the greatest thing ever. Matthew and Brooke were more conservative. They wanted to hold your hands as they jumped off the side.

I think the adults got more of a workout than the kids.

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