Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A lot about me...

A fellow on-line blogger and generally great gal (GGG) posted a 100+ things about her. I liked that idea and I intend to follow.

100 or so Things about Jean

1. My name is Jean and my parents were going to name me Jenny, but my oldest sister who was 14 at the time said she wanted that name for her girl someday so I got Jean. (BTW, guess what my oldest sisters daughter's name is? NOT Jenny)

2. I was an unplanned miracle.

3. I have two older sisters and an older brother.

4. I know that I am my parents favorite. Sorry sis's and bro.

5. I know that I am smarter than a fifth grader, but probably not a seventh grader.

6. I know I am funnier than Carrot top too.

7. I like to watch TV as seen in my #5 & 6 references.

8. I'm a reality TV junkie.

9. I went to a Lutheran school through 12th grade.

10. I worked at Pizza King for about 5 years through high school and college and can still list their sub menu by memory.

11. I am a worrier.

12. Therefore I am a planner. I make lists. I feel a lot of satisfaction when I get to cross things off.

13. I'm always thinking ahead to the future and sometimes that can get overwhelming.

14. I'm allergic to aspirin and eucerin lotion.

15. I have very sensitive skin and in combination with my husbands fair skin, my kids are doomed.

16. My great-great grandparents on both sides came over from Germany. I'm 100% German.

17. I am afraid of bats. There always seems to be some type of bat reference in my life and even when I go places, its freaky.

18. I am a huge animal lover. Well, the cute and cuddly kind. I had a dog named Taffy 1/2 Chihuahua and terrier and then a dog named Tiger who was a Chihuahua.

19. I have a cat named Cosmo Kitty now who is the prettiest cat in the whole world. She's a calico and she's such a great cat. Puts up with the kids really well.

20. I also had a cat named Bailey Kitty for three years, but had to put him down due to sickness.

21. Putting Bailey "to sleep" is still the hardest decision I have made. (It was in the middle of the night at the Animal hospital and Bailey was paralyzed and his eyes were going back and forth in his head. He had Central Vestibular disorder)

22. I always dreamed of having twins.

23. I never realized how hard parenting can be. With the choices we make for our kids, being consistent and just keeping them safe and all the regular hygiene stuff.

24. Speaking of hygiene - I really hate the "Hi Jean"/"hygiene" joke. I've heard it a bazillion times, don't think you're the first that thought of it.

25. I was an equity trader for Thrivent for 9 years.

26. I was a substitute crossing guard for 1 1/2 years.

27. I sold Azante Jewelry for a year before all the consultants were let go.

28. I now work at the YMCA in member services.

29. If I could have any job I wanted, it would probably be a Vet/ Vet's assistant or something non-profit.

30. The VET job would be hard since I do have allergies.

31. I also have Asthma.

32. I also have endometrosis

33. I also have TMJ. Which has to do with your jaw slipping out of its joint and chewing can be painful. I get a lot of headaches from this and I'm constantly on a soft food diet.

34. Just touching my jaw is painful.

35. I'm constantly on guard when I'm around the kids so they don't bump my jaw.

36. I have a lot of pet peeves.

37. One of those is bad grammar (just like Cindy). When the correct form of the word is not used in e-mails or writings drives me crazy. Effect vs. Affect, they, their, etc...

38. I like spell check, but it doesn't catch all errors. Which I am extremely guilty of. I wish people would read what they type before sending it.

39. I hate procrastination.

40. I dislike indecision. Make a decision. (These people could never be traders)

41. Say what you mean and mean what you say. I can't read your mind.

42. Sometimes in life we have to agree to disagree. But lets do it like adults and not carry a grudge.

43. I do not like it when people use double negatives.

44. I really like to nap and sleep.

45. I would trade almost any thing for a nap in the middle of the day.

46. I love to read. I think I took more literature classes in college than business classes.

47. Sports. I like sports. I like NASCAR, basketball, softball, football, and watching the Olympics.

48. I do not like winter. I don't like to go out and play in the snow. I don't like being cold.

49. Summer is a little better, but I tend to stick to the shade than lay in the sun.

50. I don't like being dirty and I have to unwind a bit and let the kids get dirty. Puddles, sandbox, grass, touching dirty objects like cars, stuff in the garage, public parks, bathrooms.

51. I don't like cleaning bathrooms or taking out the garbage.

52. I don't like to exercise.

53. I don't mind taking walks.

54. I love soda/pop. I made the switch to diet soda about a year or so ago and it was very hard. Now I can drink either.

55. My favorite sodas are Coke, diet Pepsi Max, Coke Zero, Pepsi, and Diet Dr Pepper.

56. I don't like Coffee.

57. I love Ice Cream

58. I'm lactose intolerant.

59. I did not have stretch marks until my 32 week of pregnancy with the triplets.

60. I do not like my "jowls of the dog" stomach which I got with the triplets.

61. I love to go shoeless. But I have plantar fascitis, got that after I had Jacob.

62. Our house is a "no shoes" house, except if people have indoor shoes. (and many members of my family have shoes worn only in the house)

63. I label a lot of things in our house.

64. I probably have 150 bins for organizing in our house.

65. I started sewing in my mid 20s and taught myself.

66. I cannot follow patterns very well.

67. I use recipes, but use my own measuring system.

68. I pray for patience with my children every day.

69. I know that my behavior is a model for my children.

70. I struggle with being a good Christian parent and the temptations of behaviors of society. (i.e. TV shows, music, language that is not appropriate)

71. I believe in the Golden Rule.

72. I find that many people struggle with low self esteem and those people need to raise themselves up by putting others down.

73. Its hard not to fight back when others say not so nice things about me, but I try to turn the other cheek like Jesus would want me to.

74. WWJD. I actually thought about getting this tattooed on me. Its been my motto and helps me make better choices.

75. I have no tattoos.

76. I have pierced my own ears a few times when I was a youngster.

77. I had my belly pierced for about a year. (When I was a lot thinner)

78. I have really thick hair.

79. I found my first grey hair at age 20. I turned really grey after the triplets were born.

80. I naturally enhance the color of my hair. :)

81. I prefer e-mail over the phone.

82. I love the Internet. (Scott thinks I spend way too much time on the computer - he's probably right)

82. I love to play poker. Especially Omaha Hi-low. I also will play Limit, No-limit holdem, 7 card stud (hi and hi-low).

83. I used to play daily on the computer before the triplets were born.

84. I have an Ipod.

85. My Ipod is supposed to encourage me to exercise, but I play No-limit holdem on it.

86. I have to have noise in my life, either music or the TV on.

87. I have ringing in my ears (tinnitus) which started with my jaw problems (TMJ).

88. I usually sleep with a noise machine to mask the ringing in my ears or the rustling of kids in their sleep.

89. I cannot sleep with just a sheet, I need the weight of a couple of comforters to snuggle into.

90. I am an ESTJ. I don't remember what exact letters Scott is, but he's got three the opposite of me.

91. I am totally a judger (part of the ESTJ). Its really hard for me to not judge people and situations, but I'm work in progress.

92. I know part of the reason why God gave me triplets is to give up the control in my life to Him. Or at least I thought I had control.

93. I can be a control freak.

94. Scott says I always have to be right. But if I'm always right, I'm right! right?

95. My children complete me. They make me feel whole.

96. I love having them all around me touching me, sitting on my lap, playing with my hair.

97. I love my children dearly, but for sanity's sake, need some time to myself.

98. I try to take the emotion out of my decisions. I try to think, "what would be best for the business or family instead of what would be best for me?"

99. I am pretty straightforward and tend to offend people. Grow some thicker skin, eh? see #41.

100. I would prefer to live in t-shirts and jeans or wind pants.

101. I have not worn a dress in a very, very long time. ( since Jacob was born)

102. One of my proudest moments is that I breastfed Jacob for a year and that I pumped for the triplets for 13 months.

103. I love the infant stage.

104. I do not like being pregnant. Only good thing about that is feeling the baby/babies move.

105. I would consider adoption because there are children out there that need loving homes.

106. I have my hands full raising my own children and cat and have to put off some of my other dreams/goals.

107. I learned about what being selfless meant after having children.

108. I have been to Mexico, Bahamas, Bermuda, the U.K. and 13 U.S. states.

109. My favorite place in the whole world is vacation with my family in Miniocqa, WI. I love to go to the cottage.

110. I do not like touching raw fish or chicken.

111. I love fruits and like vegetables.

112. I am a nose breather and cannot breathe out of my mouth. Makes it hard when I have a cold.

113. I have a fear of water.

114. I have taken swimming lessons as an adult.

115. I do not like to put my head in the water.

116. I cannot sing with a durn.

117. If I had one wish it would be a singing voice.

118. It takes me 10 minutes to tell a 5 minute story. (I'm a rambler)

119. A sense of humor is best thing in the world.

120. I would not do High School all over again.

121. I have nightmares about high school to this day.

122. I think I would not do high school over again due to the homework and just the unhappiness that I felt.

123. I think the unhappiness was just trying to fit in. And not about me being me.


BoufMom9 said...

This is a fascinating list! Very interesting getting to know so many intimate things about you,.
Thanks for sharing!

Angela said...

How long did it take for you to do this! Interesting read!

Jean said...

It took me about two days. I did it in pieces.