Thursday, April 16, 2009

A weekly recap

Alrighty. Whats new? Whats frustrating? Whats over?

New. Brooke has a new haircut. I just cut off the back to give her a shorter "bob" style haircut. Daddy was sad to see the longer hair in the back go, but it was a form of a mullet and we just don't do mullets.

Jacob lost his tooth last night. His tooth was hanging on by a thread. or root. His adult tooth is even showing. I kept trying to pull the thing out, but he was such a baby about it. Buck up young man, there are a whole lot worse things in life. So he pulled it out by himself. I gave him a deadline though, I told him he had to do it before 10:00 p.m. last night or the Tooth Fairy would not be able to guarantee same day delivery of said money.

Matthew started Early Childhood school this week. He attends Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 11:03. He has two teachers in his classroom all the time and then has additional speech therapy on those day in class too. His teachers just love him. He's such a sweetheart, who wouldn't? All three days though as I backed out of the classroom he started crying. Its harder in some ways than when Jacob cried at preschool. He's 3 and very much innocent and vulnerable. He is such a sweet child and I actually enjoy being his parent. Although, it seems like I don't have the time to cry about it being that I'm dragging around the other two.

The frustrating. Jacob has been acting very badly the last week or so. Its ticking me off. I've actually sent him in his room for an hour or so at a time. Its called "quiet time" in some households or its called "stay away from your mom or she'll wring your neck" time in my house. I just took all four out for a walk and he wanted to ride his bike. I gave him my expectations before we left. When I stay stop, he needs to stop. He didn't. Finally almost 3/4 around our circle a neighbor stopped him and made him wait until I caught up. I told him right away his bike was going away for a week and he was going to go to his room until daddy got home. Then I came up with the brilliant conclusion that to really hurt him was to take away his "boat" privileges. That means he can't play in our boat that's sitting in our garage. Now he plays in this boat hours a day if he could so I'm hoping that this means he'll remember how not fun this punishment was and listen.

What's over? Winter. I think we won't have any more snow. Its actually nice to get outside without coats on.

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