Thursday, April 2, 2009


Three cribs entered into the Callaway household on April 26th and April 28th, 2006 when Matthew, Brooke and John came home from the NICU. They were put to the curb the evening of April 1st, 2009. These cribs loved to be slept in, shaken, climbed and even didn't mind getting occasional bodily fluids on them. They endured much in their short life span. One crib was even passed down from Aunt Julie to Brooke and will be passed back to the family for future babies. These cribs are survived by their mattresses which are still being slept on by Matthew and John. While Brooke is sleeping in the bottom bunk bed in her room.

These cribs were particularly missed by John who freaked out at the sight, or lack of, them in their room. We'd like to thank everyone who borrowed or donated cribs, mattresses or bedding. They have been used and abused and you really don't want them back due to the mysterious stains.

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Following Him said...

Awww...hope the adventures in big girl/boy beds goes well!