Thursday, April 9, 2009

Its the little things

You know you're having a good day when (fill in the blank).

you hear Master of Puppets (Metallica) on the way home and you are happy to stop at the red light for a little extra listening time.

you come home from work and your awesome husband has done some laundry and cleaned most of the floors.

you have not been kicked or hit by your three year old children. Or spit at.

your kids pile on top of you because they missed you so much.

you can find matching socks that are clean.

your kids go to bed without complaint and don't trash their rooms. (this is wishful thinking and not yet reality)

Today I went into the cemetery to get some info on the tombstones of my fathers side of the family for a family tree project. Guess what ancestry I am with these names, Frederic, Wilhelm, Caroline, Sophia, Oscar, Mamie. Then came home and played outside with the little ones for a bit and then went to Jacob's school to work in the library. I've decided that I want to become a librarian. I could do that for eight hours a day. Only problem is that I don't want to interact with people. Just put me in a cubbyhole and classify books, enter them into the system, put them on the shelves. I'll have to dust off my Dewey Decimal System class notes from Mr. Buege.

Then I got to see Jacob playing with the kids at school. I drove for a class trip last week and he was interacting well with the boys in the car. He also says hi and goodbye to his classmates. Otherwise he has been very shy and withdrawn with the other kids. I watched him out the window and he was trying to play with his older cousin who is two years older, who was playing pretend guns or something with friends. He ran around with them, but never was really part of the group. Then he went on the monkey bars to talk to some girls, but I don't know if they didn't say anything to him or not so he left. He looked like a lost little boy trying to find someone or something to play with. Then he played on the slide and stayed in that area, but there were bigger boys there and they were energetic in their play. My heart aches for him. I think he's trying to fit in, but doesn't know how. I'm not sure if he is waiting for kids to ask him to play or what the deal is.

I never had issues with making friends and was also outgoing as a child so dealing with a child who is more shy and self-conscience is frustrating at times. I don't know how he feels or if he realizes that he is not fitting in. But it hurts my heart to see him rebuffed by children and then he'll just stand off to the side. I don't' think the kids are doing it on purpose, they are just carrying on and playing. He's just a sensitive little boy.

I don't care if he is the most popular, smartest or best athlete, I just want him to be able to carry on a conversation and be a part of a group. I don't want him to be the one always standing alone at recess or never being invited to play.

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