Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

I worked last night and tonight so I wasn't able to attend any church services. I feel bad because these are important events which are the stronghold of my faith. But I guess I can worship, meditate or pray at home also.

Its ironic we call it Good Friday because Jesus died on this day. He suffered for all our sins. Wow. That's so overwhelming that someone could love me so much to die for me and everyone else. Sometimes I go days without saying a proper prayer or taking the time to praise God for everything He has done. I do pray before I go to sleep, but I am usually so tired that I fall asleep before I say what I really need to say.

I try to model and be a living example for Jacob and the triplets, but I fall short. I try to give Jacob's homework and Christ's Light stuff as much time as it should be. I don't get Jacob to church as often as I should. (Although my thoughts on that subject about going to church every week doesn't automatically save you, its whats in your heart)

When I do go to church, the sermon always touches me in some way that I can see how God is integral in my life. Without Him, where would I be? Where would my children be?
Lately, Pastor Tim has been doing sermon series and they really hit home. We have a sister church too in Appleton called The Core and Jacob and I went once and Pastor Ski had a really good sermon series too. It was about why there is suffering in this world.
These called servants who stand in front of us each Sunday and string together some bible verses and how they apply to our lives, its truly a gift. I think we've all sat through some sermons or chapels thinking what is the point? when will this end? Which probably is wrong on a whole bunch of levels.

One thing I'm grateful for besides the DVR is taped sermons that I can watch at my leisure.

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