Saturday, March 7, 2009

Soccer anyone?

Whatcha been up to?

Well, I'm potty-training Brooke. But its hard when we have to take her somewhere so it only was for a 1/2 day today. I'm hoping to have her trained (knock on wood) soon. She has figured out not to pee every 10 minutes in her underwear now.

Jacob had soccer today and I helped coach. I know nothing about soccer, but I do know how to give positive support to the kids. And I'm good at giving high fives.

Sam turned 8 this week and we had his birthday party today. Its so nice to be able to sit down and let the kids play in another room.

Then Katie and Sam came over for a few hours and played with the kids. Its nice to have a few extra hands to clean up.

Scott is gone on a boys weekend and will be back tomorrow. He's been working a lot of hours and this is a well-deserved break. I'll take my break over mother's day. :)

I really like this warm balmy 30s and 40s weather we are having here. But we're supposed to have a snow storm tomorrow. And its daylight savings time. More like, momma loses an hour of sleep or something like that.

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