Monday, March 9, 2009

I really really really dislike my job

Potty training is not fun. I have dreaded this moment since I heard I was having triplets. Really.

Brooke is slowly getting it. I think if I'm consistent that I can get her potty (not poop) trained by the end of the week. I've decided that I'll do all the girls and Scott will train the boys. That's fair right?

How come kids don't just have this sixth sense like cats do about keeping their litter area clean?

I took home some 4 week old kittens once (Laura, Gayle? you know this story) and I gave them cats milk from a can, I washed them and I just showed them their litter box, put them in it, showed them how to paw around with their paws and they got it. So why is this so hard for toddlers? Don't they want to be clean? Do they really like stuff running down their legs and in the crevices of their privates?

If this was approved by the APA, I think I'd use electric stimulation. They wouldn't pee in their pants twice.

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