Thursday, March 12, 2009

Its all about the potty...

This is what has consumed most of my days and even a few nights. Potty training. Something I have blogged about and have dreaded for about three years.
Last Thursday was the first day of Brooke's potty training. She got padded underwear a shirt and not much else. The first day we had a bunch of accidents as she probably was figuring out how to use her muscles to not go every 15 minutes. Then the next day we only had three accidents. The weekend was a bit busy as Scott was gone and we had birthday parties and church so she did get a break from the underwear.
Now I've noticed that she gets up in the morning, wet, and yells for me to change her wet diaper. And sometimes in the middle of the night she wants to get her diaper changed because she's wet. Good recognition.
But she will wait until 11 a.m. or 12 p.m. to go potty. She's got the bladder of steel - which will change when she has children. Then we do the potty dance (o.k. I do the potty dance) and she gets M & Ms while she sits there along with water to drink. She'll ask for a diaper if she has to poop. Which I don't really mind since I don't want to clean it out of her underwear. Then she takes her nap and she is wet again and then she won't go until late in the evening.
I'm not depriving her of liquids. As a matter of fact, she had a variety of fruit tonight for dinner. I personally don't think she can now relax enough to go. But hey, no accidents for two days. I'll take it! I'm guessing that gradually she'll want to sit on the potty to poop.
For those of you who really don't care about potty training and really don't want to read about it. This is my life - deal with it. One down and two to go.
Did you see the pig tails? Isn't she a doll? Too bad you can't hear her screaming and throwing tantrums through pictures.

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Following Him said...

She looks so cute on that little potty and props for the pig tails :) She will get it!