Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ear cleaning anyone?

The little ones had their 4th swimming lesson tonight. The good news is that Matthew and John know now that they can touch the bottom of the pool and walk around (and have the confidence to do so). Brooke clung to Shell and then me the whole time. She was being a little difficult. But then at the end of our swimming time she actually got in and stood and held on to the pool.

John needs his ears cleaned out because he doesn't listen well. I think I saw him fall two or three times as he was running around the pool. Poor Luann. Even though John talks about "Guann" all the time, he still was running away from her doing his own thing.

The other good news is that after their 3rd birthday they get to go into the pool by themselves in the Shrimp class. I talked to Miss Julie (not my sister) about it and she said that as long as they can touch the bottom of the pool and listen, they can go into shrimp. Hmm... listen. Well, that's what the instructors get paid for, right?

I took the little boys down the slide at the Y. Brooke did not want to go down the slide and cried. I do not think the boys really liked it, but they sat on my lap and I made sure that they did not get dunked as we went down.

Jacob is still sick and was not able to go to swimming lessons. He's got some energy at times and so I'd like him to go back to school, but not until he stops having bathroom issues.

But its been nice playing outside with all the kids, even if it is muddy and icky and we take baths right after we get in. I wish this 50 and 60 degree sunny weather would stay.

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