Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Is it summer yet?

Well, two posts in one day? Whats with that???
This is what the Callaways have been up to.
I've been sewing.
Matthew has been eating paper plates and starting Lego fights.
John has been tearing wall paper off his bedroom walls. You know, the wallpaper that I bought over the Internet and spent days painting his room so that it would match that wallpaper?
Brooke has been tearing apart Kleenex's to very very small pieces.
Jacob has been building boats with his Lego's. Which he doesn't have as many boats because Matthew used them in the Lego fight.
I spent two hours cleaning up the Legos while the kids had "quiet" time in their cribs. "Quiet" time is defined, by me, as time to reflect, read, play quietly or sleep.
"Quiet" time by the little boys is defined as throwing everything out of their cribs, yelling, jumping, banging and everything but sleeping.

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Angela said...

AWWW, those are just darling! I wish I had a girl to buy one of those cupcake ones for! You are really getting creative!!!