Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Delurking and triplet thoughts

Its delurking day, week, month? Leave a comment please and introduce yourself.

If you don't leave a comment and still read the blog, 7 bad things will happen to you within 7 days of reading this blog. (I hate those stupid e-mails)

I can't get the stupid "Delurking Day" cute banner, button, image. I've become electronically impaired since turning 30 AND having triplets in the same year.

I want to leave a list of surprising things I learned about after having children/triplets.

  • You need to buy a bunch of batteries for all the swings, mobiles, bouncy seats, crib toys and those invasion of privacy listening devices that parents put in their children's room to hear their every move (I can't think of the name).
  • You do more laundry than you'd ever think possible.
  • Burp cloths - if you think you need only a pack, triple that thought. Kids are messy and go through a lot.
  • You and your husband/friends talk about the unthinkable. Poop, pee, breasts, episotimies, puke, vomit, your five year olds conversations about e r e c t i o n s.
  • Find a friend or family member that you admire their parenting techniques and ask them a bunch of questions. Then, modify it to fit your children.


BoufMom9 said...

LOVE the list! Esp the conversations...amen to that!

Cindy (and Brian) said...

ditto that list!