Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

  1. I've made it to 2009
  2. I didn't quite meet my expectations for 2008
  3. I decided to lower my standards this year
  4. Potty training three 2 year and 9 month old children is like sticking needles in my eye
  5. Potty training will be put off until a) I get more sedatives b) I mutate and there are two more of me c) the preschool teacher does it for me d) when the state takes my children away from me
  6. PJs are now loosely defined as comfortable clothing that I can sleep in and also wear around the house and shopping.
  7. Showering everyday is not always an option due to the ineffectiveness of child proof locks on doors and drawers.
  8. Three heads are better than one
  9. I think I saw Brooke's head spin all the way around from its axis and her eyes glowed red.
  10. John now has a Mohawk (pictures coming when I get to it)
  11. Jacob just killed me today with annoying me constantly and misbehaving badly in public.
  12. I actually asked a person at the Y if there were cameras in the area of the building so I could drag them down the stairs
  13. And that comment got some curious stares from members of the Y, in which I'm sure that child services will be getting a call.
  14. I HATE this weather. Our driveway is an ice rink.

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