Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So, I was on the phone with a friend (you know who you are!) making plans to go to Twilight this weekend.

I'm putting away clothes as I'm doing this in effort to make good use of my time.

I go downstairs to get some more clothes and in the living room are...

all the babies with chocolate on their faces and hands with a whole bag of Dove dark chocolate miniatures opened. All of the Dove dark chocolate miniatures opened. All. They all had unwrapped the candy and had fistfuls of chocolate.

I actually froze for probably 20 seconds just taking it in. They had pushed a chair over to the pantry and opened the childproof lock. Got up to the third shelf and taken the candy down. Took it into the living room and unwrapped them all (without reading the sayings inside because the wrappings were shredded).

I actually thought for a minute that they could die from chocolate poisoning and then remembered that was for dogs. But really, whats the difference?

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