Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh rotorooter man!

So, today at 4 a.m. the cat is banging on the gate to get upstairs. I go to open the gate and then she comes to sleep with me. Or bother me. She walks all over me and wants to keep licking my face. I know that this usually means shes hungry or thirsty. But I don't budge.

Finally at 6 a.m. Brooke wakes up and so I get out of bed. I get her some milk and go downstairs to feed Cosmo. As I normally do, I pour her water out in the toilet and fill up the container in the bathroom. And I usually do not turn on the light in the bathroom because the light from the laundry room is enough. And I just got up. I need to wake up gradually.

Well, of course I was surprised when the toilet started overflowing. I flipped the light on and saw the toilet overflowing and well, the smell I thought came from Cosmos litter box is actually coming from the bathroom. So, to spare everyone the gory icky details, the plunger doesn't work. I go out to the garage to find that "rotorooter" thing that is steel and flexible to clear out the plug. I can't find it.

I wake up Scott at 6:20 a.m. I ask him where it is. He finds it in the garage and I go back to work amongst the flooded bathroom. It probably took me 10 minutes to clear the plugged toilet. And then I had to clean and sanitize and clean up the other mess.

The culprit was the 5 year old in our house. He likes to use those wet wipes that are supposed to be degradable. But I guess when you use the whole package, it does tend to clog up things.

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