Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Much needed sleep

First, the important stuff. There was a news story today that really touched me. It was about a girl that was elected homecoming queen at her school. The special thing about this story is how her school embraces her - she has down syndrome. It brang tears to my eyes because kids can be cruel. When someone is different, whether it is because the color of your hair, your skin, your looks, etc.. kids pick up on that and well, you know... they can be mean.

Now, Matthew slept 5 hours at a time for the first time in five days. So I got five hours of sleep! Yipee! And Luann was nice enough to come over and let me sleep this morning and then Kathy picked Jacob up from school for me and then my mom came over and let me sleep this afternoon. I so needed that. I wasn't functioning very well. Brings me back to the first week or two of the triplets being at home.

Jacob made a book today for his teacher. It says "I love you" and has some other random words he knows how to spell. Then he made more pages to go in the book with hearts on them. How sweet is that?

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Following Him said...

I saw the story on the news this morning and cried. Kids can surprise you and be nice, but there are mean ones out there as well. Glad you got some sleep :o