Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hell froze over

Today we had our FVMOM fall rummage sale. Jacob helped me last night set up everything and today he woke up early, at 6 a.m., because he was so excited to go to the rummage sale.

When he got there, he colored, he played with a toy castle I bought for Jordan, he snacked, he drank and he ran around. I think his favorite thing is just running through the aisles. Now normally I wouldn't let him run around in a crowded place, but he just loves to do it and is pretty good about watching for people.

Then when we got home I gave him some cough medicine for his nasty cough. It helped a lot. Scott took him to the hunting land and they set up a blind so they could prepare to shoot turkeys. They actually did see a few and even a stray cat.

I spent the time home with the babies. I could tell they missed me because I had one or two on my lap most of the time.

I asked my parents to come over and we ate pizza and watched the Brewer game. Hell froze over and I watched the entire Brewer game from beginning to end. Actually hell would freeze over IF Scott watched the entire Brewer game from beginning to end. I like baseball/softball and even played for about 15 years of my life. But its not interesting until the 8th inning. I think I gave the Brewers some good luck by watching the game because they did win.

On a side note, I cut up the babies pizza to eat. John grabbed a big (pie shaped) piece of pizza and started gobbling it down. He didn't eat it from the tip or anything like that. He just put the pizza up to his face and attacked the cheese. Kind of like the way Animal from the Muppets would eat his food. Brooke was more dignified in eating her slice.

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